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Our curved, sconce style, heavy gauge steel night light, wraps around the bulb producing a soft warm glow. Our nightlights and luminaries are made from various thicknesses of 3.5 inch diameter steel tubing, or pipe. It ranges from .083 to .120 inches thick. Made in the USA by Bela Zoltan Lestar (aka - the Tube Torcher). He cuts his designs into pipe using a custom-built plasma torch.

It includes a high quality UL listed light base with a 4 watt light bulb. A convenient on/off switch is located directly below the design and is easily found at night.

For our night lights we only offer our rustic finish. After cutting, the steel is wire brushed and then sprayed with a clear matte sealer. It has a rustic, tanned leather look. Minor imperfections may be present due to using pipe that has been naturally rusted. We get this pipe from sources where it may have spent many years exposed to the elements. This gives each piece its own character.

Note for shipping.
Single purchase night lights are shipped USPS First Class Parcel (1-5 days in transit).
If multiple pieces are ordered from my shop, the entire order will go out USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days in transit)

Why we offer switched and not light sensor bases:
-Sensor bases cannot be turned off if their light is unwanted. A guest may be sensitive to any lights when trying to sleep. Their only safe option is to unplug the nightlight.
-Unless the room gets fairly bright during the day, the sensor bases will likely stay on all day anyway.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review