About Us

About Arizona Tube Art -- Now Powered by the Sun!

Bela Zoltan Lestar (aka-the Tube Torcher), previously owned a construction business in Arizona. In late 2011, with the construction business shut down, he was left with a great deal of excess steel pipe. He could not bring himself to sell it as scrap and made a candle luminary (tube) for his daughter. Everyone loved it. With this incentive, the Tube Torcher custom built a plasma-cutter to cut on the curve of the steel pipe, joined forces with his designer daughter and founded Arizona Tube Art

Arizona Tube Art is a small family run business with a workshop in Phoenix, Arizona where the “Tube Torcher” cuts, cleans and coats all the tubes.

Made in the USA - Our tubes are metal candle holder luminaries made from re-purposed fire sprinkler steel pipe or steel tubing.  The Tube Torcher cuts the designs into the pipe using a custom-built plasma torch.  With over 400 designs, our tubes make perfect gifts, night lights and fun luminary or wine bottle decorations for your house/patio.

My shop is now run 100% off of solar power.  In August of 2017 I installed solar panels on the shop. Enough to provide over 100% of the electricity used to create my luminaries and enough to cover the energy for my home. In one year the system can produce over 22 MWh of power which keeps 20 tons of CO2 from going into our atmosphere.

Arizona Tube Art also makes napkin and utensil holders, Wine Tilts, yard-art and many custom designs using various diameters of steel pipe.

The tubes and other fixtures are available in four finishes:

  • Coated – Steel pipe is cleaned and then sprayed with an automotive clear coat which makes it have a glossy, mostly black finish which is rust resistant.  Minor imperfections may be present due to using re-purposed pipe.  
  • Rustic  Rusted steel pipe is cleaned and then sprayed with a clear matte sealer.  It has a rustic, tanned leather look. Minor imperfections may be present due to using pipe that has been naturally rusted.  This gives each piece its own character.
  • Copper Coated - Steel pipe is acid washed, polished, and then dipped in a copper plating solution.   It's then sprayed with an automotive clear coat.  It has a glossy copper finish which does not require the maintenance that is usually associated with copper.
  • Silver - Steel pipe is acid washed, painted with a metallic silver base coat, and then sprayed with an automotive clear coat.  It has a glossy finish which resembles stainless steel.

Call us if you have any questions or would like to order a customized piece.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our tubes!